Soul – Heart – Passion FineArt Project

Heart – Passion – Soul


Every words describe honesty.
Our conversation forms certain imaginary shape of honest soul connected with new factory’s revamping & construction.
Vision of their business future, their good cause missions , and remarkable stories.

Soul is an form of honesty.


It’s a very inspiring journey about what they did when some unfortunate event occurred.
Faith, determination and forgiveness creates some kind of magnificent energy to create miracle.

Heart describes conditions before construction.
It’s a description of amazement. Witnessing their amazing hearty works.




SAS Passion.
Artsy interior works by SAS with photography gallery.

Special Artworks for SAS – BIC

Printed in Hahnemuehle Paper
Size 1.50×1.50 m – FineArt Baryta
1st Edition Print

Basirih Industrial Factory

Dear awe-inspiring SAS

This is my Soul-Heart-Passion work for your Soul-Heart-Passion project.
6 Months of remarkable journey in Banjarmasin – Kalimantan.


Warmest Regards,

December 2015 – Eric Dinardi

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