Other Brand Commercial Projects using MV Agusta Motorcycle

MV Agusta – Supercool Motorcycle Lifestyle

The track was cloudy, the weather was dull. So what we can do to perform this shoot is mix the light with flash. The mix light always bring more appealing images for this type of shoot compared to using only natural light.

MV Agusta Trackday

This was the first time we took our PhaseOne camera system to take high speed photo in racing track using only ambient light. The black and white images result from the camera have different tone depth and flexibility in adjusting it’s contrast and exposure. What i’d experience in this photo session is strengthen the statement that ” with medium format quality, once you experienced it, you cannot go back to lesser system “. We’re quite satisfied with the result although what we’ve bring in this photo session is only 80mm lens ; a bit curious if we can bring longer mm lens and mix it with high speed flash.

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