Ciputra – CitraLand Celebes

The first time we came to CitraLand Celebes, we were welcomed by dense storm weather. It was raining all time for 4 consecutive days. It was a very hard situation to do the photoshoot, but we have to bring some results to Jakarta. So we keep taking some photos when the rain is not to big, under the umbrella, and makes our PhaseOne camera a little bit wet. But overall, this project is quite memorable, the site of CitraLand Celebes is incredibly amazing and well designed.

The second time we came to CitraLand Celebes, the weather is really friendly. Beautiful sky, bright and sunny sky. We can take a lot of different angle and photos with bright and cheer condition as the director of Ciputra requested. This time we experienced more beautiful designed Ciputra CitraLand Celebes.

After several months, we came back to CitraLand Celebes to do update architectural photoshoot. We’re always astonished by the way Ciputra upgrade and grow their real estate property sites. We can find a lot of new angle and many interesting sites.


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