The Art of Luxury Legacy

Beauty shot for YT Utama Putra – Gold Jewelry Manufacturer Artistic new jewelry design from YT combined with exquisite designed kebaya from INAV creates mesmerizing bright & colorful ambience series of photographs. All photos performed inside Gading Restaurant building, decorated by CDC Corp decoration.

Aston Martin DB11 V12

Automotive Photographer Jakarta

Top notch class automobile, hand crafted Aston Martin DB11 photographs will only suitable if it’s photographed using the high quality photography tools. So i bring PhaseOne IQ180, Nikon D850, and Broncolor Grafit with two pulso heads. PhaseOne always bring totally awesome sharpness, wide range of real color tones,  good impression from client, and nice raw […]

The Ultimate LaFerrari

High End Car Photographer Indonesia | Automotive Photographer Indonesia

Photographed in Indonesia, in a very dusty & hot place. Playing with PhaseOne’s leaf shutter & artificial lighting to darken the environment , experimenting with position of the lights to minimize the dust and show the “hard-to-catch” actual color of this amazing automobile. A very challenging situation to catch the sharpness of LaFerrari’s shapes & artsy […]

Vida Project – Studio Kudos.jkt

Series of Architectural Images for StudioKudos.Jkt Vida Office Building Exterior.   Gunas Land Office Interior   Vida Bekasi Area  

Sulzer Turbo Indonesia

Industrial Shoot for Sulzer Turbo Service Indonesia. Gigantic machinery and turbos, high technology tools,  top of the line expert engineers working all around. Nice photogenic ambience for industrial shoots. Production process in capturing photography and videography runs really well, the board gave us a lot of flexibility in applying creativity for their industrial images ; […]

Arif Nurul Huda Mosque

Architecture Photographer

Architectural Photos of Arif Nurul Huda Mosque in Surabaya Police Headquarter.   Arif Nurul Huda Mosque is the biggest police headquarter mosque in Indonesia. Beautiful architecture with a lot of amazing details, visioned and built by 2018 Surabaya Police Chief. Photographed in 85% construction completion.  

Heart – Passion – Soul

Heart – Passion – Soul Soul. Every words describe honesty. Our conversation forms certain imaginary shape of honest soul connected with new factory’s revamping & construction. Vision of their business future, their good cause missions , and remarkable stories. Soul is an form of honesty. Heart. Very inspiring journey about what they did when some […]