ToteBed® Images



ToteBed® is RoyalFoam®’s new product.
It’s an interesting product. The product have a lot of advanced features and good quality materials. Production brief to product launch schedule is less than one month, the box still in production, the product haven’t reach it’s final form.
Now the products already spread and sell well,
find the products at :

With current technologies, where everything is practical & simple, production time to create all things needed for marketing is much easier to produce. Most of the thing for marketing tools on the web are already provided in several platforms. So, in less than 20 days, we managed to produce commercial images, videos, and also website.

Talent and choreography are incredibly performed by EKI Dance Company.
All of these images and videos are lit by Broncolor® HMI & Broncolor powerpacks.
Thank you Nikon Indonesia ( @sukiminthio ) for lend us Nikon D850 sample camera to do the shoot.


ToteBed® Fun Short Clip




ToteBed® Product Photos



ToteBed® Fun Short Loop Clip




ToteBed® Material Photos



ToteBed® Material Video




ToteBed® Tutorial




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