The Ultimate LaFerrari

High End Car Photographer Indonesia | Automotive Photographer Indonesia

Photographed in Indonesia, in a very dusty & hot place. Playing with PhaseOne’s leaf shutter & artificial lighting to darken the environment , experimenting with position of the lights to minimize the dust and show the “hard-to-catch” actual color of this amazing automobile. A very challenging situation to catch the sharpness of LaFerrari’s shapes & artsy […]

Daihatsu CUV Concept Car 2013

Daihatsu CUV Concept Car Daihatsu Motor Corp. Design Department – Osaka, Japan Car detail images for Daihatsu Concept Car Showcase. Photographed in Daihatsu research and development centre. The car was exhibited in Indonesia International Motor Show 2013 with 3D and motion works by Maximum ( ) Captured using PhaseOne 645DF P40+ & Broncolor Senso […]

Essential Food Shoot for Istana Nelayan

  Food photography for Istana Nelayan’s menu book and promotional material. Styled by Bacteria Photography food stylist, this whole photoshoot are done in 1 full day. The whole design direction want to achieve warm and dinner proper dinner food like for mood and general colour scheme. In food and beverage industry, usually the food that […]