Akili Museum by Grain & Green

Photographing Grain & Green’s project always needs a lot of hours. All of the ambience created by his exquisite-detailed architectural design is changing dramatically with time. From dawn to dusk, mood, reflection, and shadow creates a whole different scenery in each location.  The details are mesmerising, a lot of angle can be discovered. Private Museum […]

Brew Maison Cafe – Singapore

Brew Maison Cafe Interior Shoots Bukit Timah Rd. – Singapore Homey, bright, casual, and friendly designed interior with a lot of nice details. This is our first architectural shoot in Singapore. All shots was done with PhaseOne IQ180 + Broncolor Senso A4 Architect : W Architect www.w-architect.com

iBox – Android Nation – Samsung Interior Shoot

iBox Store – Plaza Indonesia Samsung Experience Store – Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Android Nation – Senayan City iBox Store – Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading Interior Shoots for EraJaya Retail Stores One of the biggest telecommunication retailer company in Indonesia. Project Designer : Studiokudos.jkt & Neuborn Media

Ciputra – Citra Bukit Indah Balikpapan

Doing Ciputra’s project for architectural shoot always gave us a lot of new experience. From our point of view, their masterplan for whole site is beautiful and alive in their own way. From one site, we usually be able to find many angles ; good site plan creates a lot of good framing for architectural […]

CitraLand Banjarmasin

Commercial Photographer Indonesia, Architecture Photographer

  Surprisingly lively area in busy city of Banjarmasin. Arrived and welcomed by heavy rain, the weather turns to be a magical moment to do architectural shoots, although some shoots are done in the middle of rain. The next day the weather is a lot better, we can get many angles for the shoot.  

Ciputra – CitraLand Celebes

Commercial Photographer Indonesia, Architecture Photographer

The first time we came to CitraLand Celebes, we were welcomed by dense storm weather. It was raining all time for 4 consecutive days. It was a very hard situation to do the photoshoot, but we have to bring some results to Jakarta. So we keep taking some photos when the rain is not to […]