Updating Our Portfolio..

Back in 2004, the Bacteria Photography was started. Since the beginning, we aimed to learn multiple genres of photography. Over time, we built a portrait photo studio and covered wedding photography, product photography, documentation, corporate and also commercial photography. Doing all genre of photography shaped our skills and eyes in seeing light, image quality and color accuracy. 

Since 2011, one of our photographer started to share his lighting knowledge in seminars and workshops. He actively conduct workshops, seminars and photography class throughout Indonesia. 

In 2016 and 2018 we travelled across China with PhaseOne to conduct some seminars & workshops. 

In 2016 & 2019 we also invited as a guest speaker in ShootSIN & Shoot KL conducted by Broncolor Singapore.

The topics of our workshops are mostly lighting technique and complete commercial photography workflow.

Now we choose to work in our passions – automobile, product, architectural and corporate commercial photography. Our company also expanded into photography production company 

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